Classroom Solution


    • Phase I: Schools Requirement Analysis
      • Based on the school’s requirements a Needs Assessment form will be prepared followed by a Proforma Invoice being submitted to the school for review, approval, and payment.
    • Phase II: Implementation
      • The hardware required will be ordered and timelines provided (optional based on Needs Assessment).
      • SKC content will be mapped to school’s curriculum with the help of lead teachers from each grade identified by the school.
      • The licenses will be provided to the school.
      • The teachers will be trained on how to use the tool in the classroom and how to connect with the parents and students at home.
    • Phase III: Support
      • Technical support will be provided via email throughout the year.


Here are the minimum suggested specifications for a tablet/electronic device to be used for the Smart Kidz Club app in the classrooms.

Android tablet

  • Minimum Android OS 7.0
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 6 GB storage

Here are two recommended brands:

  • Samsung Tab A
  • Lenovo Tab 4