SKC is an amazing e learning tool that has provided our children with a variety of rich knowledge based content. Our children are now hooked on reading and compete among themselves, who will read the most number of e books per day. It is quite exciting for us teachers to see our children eager to display the knowledge gained through learning by self discovery. Not left out are children with Special needs who are making giant strides in reading with the fantastic "read to me" feature of SKC. No doubt SKC is an essential e learning tool for effective learning and engagement of the child in a 21st century classroom.
Esther Nwajei
Pre-School Coordinator

Taadel Private School

I am the Head teacher of Jaymaris Academy, Abuja and also an English teacher. The SKC app has been very helpful for our kids and I really appreciate the day our school stumbled into the app. The app has improved our pupils in several ways; *It has helped our kids learn new words. *It has motivated our kids to think out of the box by exposing them to different books on different subject matters. *In the area of mathematics, the app has exposed our pupils to difficult topics and simplifies learning. The test/activity questions in mathematics facilitates their learning and understanding. I recommend the app to all parents that want their It will make them smart and intelligent and help in keeping them engaged in or out of school. children to be exceptional in English, mathematics and other subject areas.
Head teacher

Jaymaris Academy, Abuja

“This application is compose of a wide variety of activities which helps us to teach children various subjects. Smart Kidz Club’s fun learning method is of great interest to the children. …..The divinity skill areas covered by the application are very relevant and allows teachers and students to imagine life elsewhere.”

“I run a Pre-school as my business and I was always looking for some better materials to add on my teaching aids for my teachers. I can say ever since I subscribed for Smart Kidz Club, I have found the best teaching materials for my students. Smart Kidz Club library has the best foundation materials and is loved by my staff and students. Teaching is now simplified.”

“I am a kindergarten teacher of ELL children who don’t speak a lot of English and who don’t have a lot of resources. I am very excited about Smart Kidz Club because this will give my students an opportunity to read a wide variety of titles without spending a large amount of money. I am very excited about that because we are promoting literacy and we think that it’s great. Thanks Smart Kidz Club and who ever thought about this – Gold star for you.”