Smart kids Club (SKC) is digital library; with original “Just Right” content and non-fiction knowledge based e books and tools that offers carefully curated, comprehensive and integrated classroom solution.

SKC helps teachers of young learners (elementary education) to effectively engage their pupils save time and have the flexibility to customize curriculum based on individual learners level and learning needs.SKC; as a classroom app connects all stakeholders – (teachers, parents & students) in a student’s reading and learning ecosystem. The personalized and student – centered learning tool enables teachers create a superior value in the classroom while achieving higher students outcomes for all types of learners.

Benefits of SKC include:

  • Ready to teach English resource with lesson plan guide for teachers
  • Supplements elementary classroom with SKC’s original, continuously expanded digital library of books for all kinds of learners
  • Exposes learners to research-backed, original and diverse knowledge-based content
  • Ensures correct pronunciation
  • Provides fun learning activities and comprehension quizzes
  • Engages learners with rewards, badges and the leadership board.
  • Enables easy homework assignments
  • Facilitates easy parent involvement
  • Provides rich data analytics for each student.

SKC powerful classroom app is easy for teachers, engaging for learners, and simple for parents to use.