Providing knowledge and life skills to young learners require open opportunities for them to exploit better possibilities to discover themselves
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We integrate the use of technology in education to improve the teaching and learning process by providing both educators and learners access to a variety of educational resources
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Our approach to the exponential change experienced in education is innovation; which creates significant new pathways in teaching and learning.
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We strongly believe that for young learners, effective learning is facilitated by interest, curiosity and encouragement, which are brought about by active engagement.
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We are all about Technology

& Innovation in Education!

We are about Education, deploying Technology to drive the much-needed Innovation in the way educators Engage young learners to lay a good foundation for success today and tomorrow. Our approach summary follows:


Dear School Leader

This digital tool will help promote English reading, comprehension, vocabulary building, pronunciation and communication skills as well as master numeracy and math.

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We provide knowledge and life skills to young learners allowing them to unlock opportunities


We support teachers and learners to explore, research and use digital tools to discover and learn


We integrate the use of technology in education to improve the teaching and learning process


We facilitate effective learning by stimulating interest and curiosity using positive reinforcements

Our Product: Smart Kidz Club

Smart kids Club (SKC) is digital library; with original “Just Right” content and non-fiction knowledge based e books and tools that offers carefully curated, comprehensive and integrated classroom solution. SKC helps teachers of young learners (elementary education) to effectively engage their pupils save time and have the flexibility to customize curriculum based on individual learners level and learning needs.

Active Installs


SKC is an amazing e learning tool that has provided our children with a variety of rich knowledge based content. Our children are now hooked on reading and compete among themselves, who will read the most number of e books per day....
Esther Nwajei
Pre-School Coordinator

Taadel Private School

I am the Head teacher of Jaymaris Academy, Abuja and also an English teacher. The SKC app has been very helpful for our kids and I really appreciate the day our school stumbled into the app. The app has improved our pupils ...
Head teacher

Jaymaris Academy, Abuja

Our Team

Our team is made up of seasoned professionals and educators who are passionate about raising young learners using technology as a spring board.