School success experience on SKC


In our extensive research for a product that will meet the technological needs of our children, we searched for the best until we found the Smart Kidz Club app. The app is unique, rich in content and tailored towards ensuring maximum benefit as it fully engages our children.

Using the Smart Kidz Club app:

  • Has provided our children a strong hold in literacy.
  • It enhances our curriculum and expands the child’s horizon
  • Our children have become self learners and are glued to their tabs reading.
  • It broadens the knowledge base of both the pupils and their teachers.
  • It enhances the bond between parents and their children.
  • It is providing a good foundation for our children in numeracy.

I fully recommend the Smart Kidz Club app. It is the best foundational app for children to learn with fun!

Mr. Arowosegbe
Head of Academics
Taadel Private School

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